Sunday 16 June 2019 3:30 pm

Rory Stewart makes 'offer' to work with Nigel Farage to deliver Brexit

Rory Stewart launched his leadership campaign yesterday
Rory Stewart wants to be the next Prime Minister

Tory leadership hopeful Rory Stewart has said he would work with Nigel Farage’s Brexit party to ensure that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is delivered.

The international development secretary, who is one of five candidates jostling to replace Theresa May as leader, told Farage that parliament “has to find a route” to deliver Brexit. “Which is why I want to make an offer to you,” he added.

Speaking directly to Farage on LBC, Stewart said: “You represent such an important part of this debate, your results in these elections, the fact you actually lead us out of Europe in the first place puts you in a very important position in this.

“We need to find a way, as a party, of reaching out to you, and trade unions and other people who care about our economy, but we must reach out to you and bring you in to try to work out how we crack this, how do we get this through parliament.

“Because the thing that’s frustrating me with Boris, is that he just keeps asserting again and again that he’s going to leave on 31 October and he never tells us how he’s going to do it.”

Boris Johnson, the current frontrunner in the race, has ruled out working with Farage, saying the Brexit party leader needed to be “put back in his box”.