Saturday 18 September 2021 4:40 pm

Red Bull threatens gin firm with legal action over use of word 'bull'

A Norwich-based gin maker has been threatened with legal action by energy drinks giant Red Bull over the use of the word ‘bull’.

Red Bull told gin maker Bullards there was a “likelihood of confusion on behalf of the public” as both brand names “include the term bull”.

Bullards was asked to delete a series of goods and services from its trademark application and registration, including energy drinks, events and non-alcoholic beverages.

Red Bull said in a letter to Bullards that it was “prepared to resolve this dispute” if Bullards carried out such deletions. 

Red Bull’s lawyers said it “does not want to prevent your client from doing anything it has historically done,” in a letter to the gin maker.

“What they’re claiming is ludicrous. There is no confusion whatsoever and actually if we did concede we would be admitting there was,” Bullard’s founder Russell Evans told the BBC. 

The energy drinks company has asked Bullards to not use the name for events or soft drinks but not asked for it to stop being used for its gin.

Red Bull said they would not comment on a current legal case.