Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn to vote down Brexit bill

Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed that Labour MPs will vote against Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill today. The Labour leader launched an

December 20, 2019
Jeremy Corbyn Is Returned As MP For Islington North

Jeremy Corbyn has said he did “everything he could” to get the Labour party into government in the General Election,

December 13, 2019
Jeremy Corbyn

Every election is important, but some elections are indisputably more important than others. In the British context, the clearest examples

December 12, 2019
Boris Johnson's Conservatives gain double-digit lead in latest General Election poll

Nothing except an election lost can be half so melancholy as an election won. That’s what the Duke of Wellington

December 10, 2019

It is the holiday season, and every day another Christmas advertising campaign drops. But this year, a festive election is

December 9, 2019
labour pledge to electrify buses

Labour will on Saturday unveil a plan to electrify the country’s entire bus fleet by 2030 and bring “bus services

December 6, 2019

This election season is slogan heavy. “Get Brexit done.” “For the many, not the few.” While necessarily vague, this year’s

December 6, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has come under fierce pressure to apologise to the UK’s Jewish community for his handling of the Labour

November 27, 2019
Britain's Labour Leader Corbyn Campaigns In The East Midlands

Labour wants to get rid of billionaires. If that sounds hyperbolic, just listen to how the party’s heavyweights talk about

November 26, 2019

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will go head to head in a live TV debate tonight, and both leaders will

November 19, 2019
London Stock Exchange

The Labour party today announced it will nationalise parts of BT if it wins power in December’s General Election. The

November 15, 2019
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's British Broadband speech in full

Jeremy Corbyn has laid out plans to provide free full fibre broadband to every UK household and part-nationalise BT this

November 15, 2019

Where the Brexit vote differs from other political shocks is that three years on, the uncertainty has yet to subside.

November 7, 2019

Is Labour set to outperform its 2017 result in this election? YES, says James Meadway, an economist and former adviser

October 31, 2019

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