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Senate Appropriations Considers Treasury Department's Budget Request

Janet Yellen has warned the US Treasury is in danger of running out of cash in October unless Congress raises

September 9, 2021
Senate Appropriations Considers Treasury Department's Budget Request

US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen has warned that recently-agreed reforms to corporate tax rules that will ensure major companies pay

July 11, 2021
President Biden Receives Economic Briefing From Treasury Secretary

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has downplayed comments that rate hikes may be needed to stop the economy overheating as

May 5, 2021
Cathie Wood says Bitcoin has Trillions in Market Cap Potential

Cathie Wood, the well-known U.S. investor and founder of Ark Investment Management, said today that Bitcoin is in its “early

February 25, 2021
President-Elect Biden Announces Economic Appointees And Nominees For Upcoming Administration

US Senate confirms Janet Yellen as the first female Treasury Secretary

January 25, 2021

A lacklustre trading session for Europe in the absence of US markets yesterday saw European equities finish the day rather

January 19, 2021

Biden officially names Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary, setting stage for a more diverse White House

December 3, 2020

Joe Biden set to pick former US Fed chair Janet Yellen as next Treasury Secretary, succeeding Steve Mnuchin's role

November 23, 2020

Former chair of the US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen once said “the principle that a central bank should be independent

December 7, 2018

Do Jerome Powell’s recent comments suggest that Trump is influencing the Fed’s policy? YES, says Andy Scott, an associate director at

December 3, 2018

Andrea Cicione, head of strategy at Lombard Street Research, says Yes.We can’t imagine investors feeling relaxed, with a series of

September 6, 2015

As the UK’s economic recovery solidifies, the siren calls for interest rate rises are intensifying. Even the governor of the

August 5, 2015

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