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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hit back at a warning from the US over the use of Huawei 5G equipment,

March 12, 2019

On her way to an EU-Arab League summit over the weekend, Theresa May announced that she would not provide British

February 25, 2019

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said he is confident US President Donald Trump will not impose higher tariffs on

February 18, 2019

European cars do not pose a threat to US national security, one of Germany’s biggest car lobbies said today as the White

February 17, 2019

Theresa May suffered a Valentine’s Day massacre on Thursday when Conservative Brexiters helped inflict a heavy Commons defeat on the

February 14, 2019

German finance minister Olaf Scholz attempted a spirited defence of his country’s economy today, insisting it is “not in crisis” despite

February 8, 2019

Hell hath no fury like a Brexiteer scorned. From the backlash this week, you would have thought that European Council president

February 8, 2019

Brexit cannot be renegotiated, insisted European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker today at a meeting with the Prime Minister described as

February 7, 2019

Italy is set to ban Huawei equipment from its 5G network plans as international pressure on the Chinese firm continues

February 7, 2019

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Huawei must offer guarantees about the security of its technology if the Chinese firm

February 5, 2019

Theresa May will head to Northern Ireland on Tuesday in a bid to win support for her Brexit renegotiation strategy as

February 4, 2019

Angela Merkel has urged the UK to set out exactly how it wants to avoid a hard border with Ireland

February 4, 2019

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