Midday Update
Today’s headlines
British officials recommend ‘limited’ 5G role for Huawei
No 10 plots for UK to ‘take up its flag’ at WTO early
UK retail sector sheds 57,000 jobs amid high street woes
Mothercare replaces leadership team after collapse
US says UK trade deal to be wrapped up this year
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What’s happening
by Joe Curtis  
Law and order: John Bercow faces bullying complaint from top aide
Mugged off: Ikea recalls travel mug over leaking chemicals risk
Finance fears: Watchdog tells financial firms to be ready in case of no-deal Brexit
Privacy plea: Microsoft chief executive calls for ‘data dignity’ at Davos
Car crash: European car sales to drop for first time in seven years
Javid’s job hunt: Chancellor launches search for next head of budget watchdog
Gas guzzlers: Volkswagen hit with Canada’s largest ever environmental fine
Hope in Pope: England should not rush Pope — let him develop at No6
Tax troubles: For firms relying on EU tax directives, what happens after Brexit?
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