Tuesday 29 March 2016 12:05 pm

EU referendum: Everyone on Twitter is laughing at education secretary Nicky Morgan's speech on Brexit

Education secretary Nicky Morgan gave a speech today that was presumably intended to rally young people around the government's Remain campaign in the run up to the EU referendum – but the reaction suggests her points fell a little wide of the mark. 

Morgan warned that the nation's young would be the most affected by a possible Brexit, but some of the reasons she gave might struggle to convince those sitting on the fence… in fact her attempts to get on board with the yoof have left her looking distinctly out of touch.

Here's how Twitter is reacting to Morgan's Brexit speech

1) Kids will be sad if there's a Brexit because they won't be able to inter-rail anymore

2) It will have unintended consequences on companies that define the yoof, like EBay.

3) The yoof can save the day by encouraging their "older friends" to vote Remain. Even if they can't actually vote… 

4) Something about the social medias

5) Lots of Thick of It references, and a few others for good measure