Thursday 30 January 2014 8:14 pm

Game of loans as Bean reads aloud

THE GRAVELLY northern tones of Sean Bean are something we’re not often treated to in the City, but anyone who happened upon Waterstones on London Wall yesterday was privy to a rare Bean scene. The Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings star gave a reading of ex-financier Richard Old’s first novel, The Fat Chancer, and signed copies of the book for an excited crowd. Fellow Yorkshireman Old has written a work of fiction based on his experiences of working in the City for 25 years – weaving in characters both good and bad, so The Capitalist asked the wordsmith if he felt the people in his book still exist in a post regulatory City landscape. “Some of the things that go on in my book might not go on in the same way, it’s more about attitudes – whether the current environment has squashed some of that out is debatable.” And would Bean be tempted to star in a possible film adaptation? “It’s certainly a meaty role, the lead is a piece of work – it’s something I could get my teeth into,” he told The Capitalist. Do we spy a “Game of Loans”?