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The tie-up between Spotify and Uber launches today, meaning anyone who gets in an Uber cab can listen to their

November 21, 2014

Apple will start integrating the Beats music subscription service into every iOS device early next year, as the battle for

November 19, 2014

In a move which will surely prompt a rash of one-star ratings from irate Uber drivers tired of being subjected

November 17, 2014

 The irrepressible rise of Spotify, the streaming service that Taylor Swift left last week OCT 2008 Spotify goes liveSpotify is founded in

November 12, 2014

To the dismay of fans the world over, in the last week Taylor Swift decided to remove all her songs

November 11, 2014

TAYLOR Swift’s entire catalogue of music was removed from streaming service Spotify yesterday. The singer requested her work be removed

November 3, 2014

More in-fighting between artists and Spotify: Taylor Swift, the singer as much known for reaping revenge on a series of

November 3, 2014

Spotify has rolled out a new feature: a map that shows two people on the planet listening to the same tune,

August 21, 2014

Google is poised to launch its music streaming app to rival Spotify and Apple’s iTunes appear, according to details about

August 19, 2014

Music streamed through online services such as Spotify will contribute to the UK’s music charts for the first time, better

June 23, 2014

Amazon launched a music service yesterday that came free with its £79-a-year Prime membership programme, but offers a smaller selection

June 12, 2014

ONLINE music streaming firm Spotify now has over 10m users, according to an announcement yesterday. The group rose from having

May 21, 2014

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