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News and opinion about the central banking system of the United States, The Federal Reserve System‍ also known as the Fed‍.

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Last year may have been a tricky one for US markets and investors but it was less so for the

February 20, 2019

A decade after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, banks in the euro area have still not recovered. The

February 18, 2019

Chinese stock markets are currently on holiday, with traders and consumers off celebrating the arrival of the Year of the

February 8, 2019

The yield curve has been a reliable predictor of US recessions over the last four decades. Each time the yield

February 6, 2019

Gold had a mixed year in 2018, quickly peaking around $1,366 in January, but falling as low as $1,160 by

January 28, 2019

The number of funds generating top returns plunged in the fourth quarter during a torrid investment environment. Only six of

January 22, 2019

Cheaper prices at the pumps pushed down US inflation for the first time in nine months in December. Statistics released

January 11, 2019

US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell has said he will not resign even if he is asked to by president

January 4, 2019

Is a rebound across global indices on the cards in 2019? Callum Keown asks top analysts for their predictions. AS 2019

January 2, 2019

THE UK market felt the impact of Brexit last year as politicians scrambled to reach a deal on Britain’s fast

January 2, 2019

A White House official has assured that the head of the US Federal Reserve is not at any risk of

December 26, 2018

Oil prices fell to another 14-month low earlier today as markets worried a slowdown in the US economy could hit

December 20, 2018

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