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The UK is planning to increase the maximum prison sentence for market abuse from seven to 10 years, as the

October 21, 2020

Metro Bank today reported a two per cent hike in lending for the third quarter, as the British bank warned

October 21, 2020
uk us cross-border clearing derivatives

The Bank of England and US trading watchdog have signed a new agreement to cooperate on the supervision of cross-border

October 20, 2020
negative interest rates

British banks are not ready to implement negative interest rates, the chairman of Natwest said today.  “We’re not completely ready

October 15, 2020
Bank Of England negative Interest Rates negative rates boe

The Bank of England has asked UK banks for information about their readiness for zero or negative interest rates, following

October 12, 2020
monument fintech digital bank

A London-based digital lender targeting Britain’s affluent savings market, has received a restricted banking licence from UK regulators.   Monument, which

October 8, 2020
Andrew Bailey Bank Of England boe

Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey said he believed the UK and European Union should be able to reach a

October 8, 2020
The European Union’s cap on banker bonuses introduced after the financial crisis a decade ago can help to curb excessive risk-taking, a Bank of England study showed

Bank of England (BoE) rate-setter Jonathan Haskel sees some possible benefits from cutting interest rates below zero, though it was

October 5, 2020
andy haldane boe bank of england

The Bank of England’s chief economist said there was a risk that overly pessimistic “Chicken Licken” views about the impact

September 30, 2020
bank of england boe coronavirus negative rates

The Bank of England has seen “encouraging” evidence that negative interest rates could help the British economy during the downturn

September 27, 2020
Asia’s premier markets opened strongly this morning after the Bank of Japan announced it would buy an unlimited amount of government bonds in order to protect the country’s economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

2020 is going to be a record year for the corporate bonds market. New issue investment grade volume in the

August 26, 2020
The former Governor of the Bank of England has warned that it would be premature for the UK’s central bank to expand the quantitative easing scheme too early

The former Governor of the Bank of England has warned that it would be premature for the UK’s central bank

August 3, 2020

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