90 per cent of businesses may replace staff who struggle to work from home

As businesses are gradually planning for a ‘new normal’ post-Covid, this is likely to impact recruitment decisions over the next 12 months.

The vast majority of companies – namely 90 percent – that was surveyed by expenses firm Expense On Demand indicated that they are likely to replace staff who were unable or struggled to work remotely during the pandemic.

Many of these firms are looking to automate more systems to ensure a seamless transition between remote and office-based working and need employees that mirror this new working model.

In fact, 84 per cent of companies stated they are looking at ways of reducing clerical and admin roles by implementing more automated processes.

New roles

The survey did offer some positive news as nearly all, about 95 per cent, of businesses surveyed said they would be recruiting for new roles in 2021 as the economy begins to recover and the vaccination efforts allows the country to open back up.

“The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the world economy and many businesses are putting robust plans in place to ensure they can minimise impact on any future epidemics and this is clearly being reflected in new recruitment strategies around the globe,” said Sunil Nigam, founder at ExpenseOnDemand.

“The demanded for more automated processes reflects the increased demand for our services in the last year,” he shared with City A.M.