Using ad blocker on City A.M.

Why can't I use an ad blocker on

The journalism on City A.M. is funded by advertising, but this business model is threatened by the use of ad blockers. Ad blockers prevent adverts from appearing. City A.M. therefore restricts access to full articles when ad blockers are active.

How do I turn off my ad blocker?

Depending on the ad blocker you use, you should be able to disable it for individual websites. For example, in AdBlock Plus, click the dropdown arrow next to the red "ABP" icon, and select "Disable on" - this option will become ticked. After making this change, reload the page to view the content. You will then see ads on without affecting other websites.


If you have disabled your ad blocker but you're still seeing the ad blocker message on, follow the steps outlined below.

Slow connection?

If the page hasn't loaded fully, occasionally this may trigger the ad blocker message. In this case, try reloading the page to see if the content displays on a subsequent attempt.

Corporate firewalls

Check with your IT department if ads are blocked as part of a corporate IT policy. If so, send them a link to this page so they can see how to whitelist

Private browsing mode in Firefox

If you're using private browsing mode in Firefox, click on the shield icon and select "Disable protection for this session".

Other addons

If you use Ghostery, Disconnect, or Do Not Track Me, try whitelisting on these as well.

Other URLs to whitelist

If your connection relies on a "whitelist only" setup, try whitelisting the following URLs:

If all else fails, and you're still seeing the ad blocker message:

Please follow these final steps.

1. First, check to make sure if ads are displaying on the page.

2. If they are, refresh the page to see if the block is removed.

3. If the ads are still showing up and you still cannot view the content on the page, please contact us. Go to to find out more about your setup, and send the link it provides along with any additional information to