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Apple is truly a creature of habit. You could almost set a watch (no pun intended) to the regular tick tock of [...]

9 September 2014

Apple has launched two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch smartwatch at a much-hyped [...]

9 September 2014

Samsung has unveiled four new devices, including two Galaxy Notes, a smartwatch and a virtual reality headset. [...]

3 September 2014

Google Glass, the wearable tech device, may be an exciting new development - but with a $1,500 price tag (not [...]

22 August 2014

What goes around comes around. And around, and around. Outside of a handful of innovative brands – many of whom [...]

29 July 2014

It is now possible to control Google Glass with nothing more than your thoughts, thanks to a new technology called [...]

10 July 2014

Piracy concerns have caused cinemas to ban the use of Google Glass in film screenings just eight days after the [...]

1 July 2014

They’re here! And they makes you look just as daft as we thought they would! Google Glass augmented reality [...]

25 June 2014

Google’s I/O conference brings together developers from across the world to see the latest breakthroughs, products [...]

25 June 2014

Tonight at 5pm Google will show off its latest software at its annual I/O Conference for developers in San Francisco. [...]

25 June 2014

GOOGLE launched its smart Glass eyewear in the UK last night, making it the second country to get the device after [...]

24 June 2014

Apple’s smartwatch is a step closer to becoming reality with widespread reports that Taiwanese company Quanta [...]

20 June 2014

A recent study, led by Chris Brauer of Goldsmiths University, found that wearable technology could boost employee [...]

15 May 2014

Wearable tech has become the latest fashion among early adopters but the gadgets have failed to move purists, [...]

1 April 2014

Bryan Foster likes wearing Google Glass. He lives in LA and is the kind of guy that calls himself a technology [...]

25 March 2014

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