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It already pays a big dividend, but there's even more to like about Lloyds after last week's announcement. [...]

20 May 2019

Profits are down in the first quarter, but BP remains on track, writes our head of markets. [...]

13 May 2019

By Alistair Strang from interactive investor. [...]

3 May 2019

By Jemma Jackson from interactive investor. [...]

30 April 2019

By Graeme Evans from interactive investor. [...]

24 April 2019

It’s generally accepted that it is more difficult to sell a share than to buy one. [...]

10 April 2019

By Graeme Evans from interactive investor. [...]

9 April 2019

By Graeme Evans from interactive investor. [...]

5 April 2019

The Kingfisher makeover has yet to win over investors, with results from the B&Q owner showing why. [...]

29 March 2019

After a drop below £50 for the first time this month, buyers are back. Our head of markets explains why. [...]

27 March 2019

By Kyle Caldwell from interactive investor. [...]

26 March 2019

If an investor is specifically looking for reasons not to invest, he or she will always find them. [...]

20 March 2019

Up 78 per cent since we backed them, the shares are still not expensive and the business is in great shape. [...]

19 March 2019

By Kyle Caldwell from interactive investor. [...]

15 March 2019

By Graeme Evans from interactive investor  [...]

10 March 2019

By Richard Beddard from interactive investor. [...]

9 March 2019

By Edmond Jackson from interactive investor [...]

8 March 2019
6 March 2019

A new 10-point plan to be revealed today will set out proposals aimed at boosting investment in the UK’s ports. [...]

3 March 2019

A strongly worded report from the regulator appears to have torpedoed this supermarket mega merger. [...]

27 February 2019

In a bear trend since 2007, Barclays has won over the market with this update, at least temporarily. [...]

25 February 2019

At prices not seen since 1999, a 10 per cent dividend yield appears tempting, but it's not that straightforward. [...]

24 February 2019

Our head of markets explains why the City reacted positively to these results despite a profits miss. [...]

22 February 2019

When former chancellor George Osborne visited China in 2015, he pronounced it the start of a “golden era” [...]

17 February 2019

Japan has lifted a ban on importing British beef - 23 years on from its introduction after an outbreak of the [...]

9 January 2019

Sterling suffered another fall today amid increased doubt over whether the Prime Minister’s Brexit bill will [...]

27 November 2018

The introduction of a new digital services tax was the most depressingly inevitable part of Philip Hammond’s [...]

7 November 2018

Stock markets globally have been falling since the end of September. Economic worries including a potential trade [...]

26 October 2018

The UK and US should seek an immediate system of mutual recognition to deepen trade in financial and professional [...]

18 September 2018

The only way to resolve the Irish border problem and prevent disruption of manufacturers' supply chains is for [...]

20 June 2018

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