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There has been a 38 per cent increase in net flow of long-term migrants to 212,000 in the year ending September [...]

27 February 2014

European commissioner Laszlo Andor has come out fighting against the Swiss referendum decision to restrict the [...]

26 February 2014

EU MIGRANTS will have to prove they are earning at least £149 per week for three months before they can claim [...]

20 February 2014

EUROPE is back in the headlines, with immigration and David Cameron’s meeting with French President Francois [...]

3 February 2014

YESTERDAY saw the government announce the latest in a line of restrictions on the benefits immigrants can claim. [...]

21 January 2014

CUTTING net immigration to below 100,000 per year will push up Britain’s national debt by around 20 per cent [...]

15 January 2014

NICK CLEGG would support the principle of a two-year ban on EU migrants claiming benefits, he indicated yesterday.

13 January 2014

NIGEL Farage has called for a ban on immigrants receiving benefits in the UK until they have been resident for [...]

8 January 2014

BUSINESS leaders have condemned Ed Miliband’s plan to prevent employers paying low wages to migrant workers, [...]

6 January 2014

THE NUMBER of people leaving the UK to live in other countries has reached the lowest level in over a decade, [...]

29 November 2013

DAVID Cameron’s calls for tighter rules on European migration yesterday sparked a row over free movement within [...]

28 November 2013

PRIME Minister David Cameron has announced a new set of restrictions on migrants from the European Union, promising [...]

27 November 2013

CONCERNS about immigration continue to gather strength. A recent poll by Survation for Sky News found that 67 [...]

6 November 2013

THE PHRASE “papers, please” once conjured up the image of a totalitarian dystopia, where anyone might rat [...]

23 October 2013

TWO years ago, as the recovery stalled, a number of commentators suggested that the main problem with the UK economy [...]

13 August 2013

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