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THE FIRST few months of 2014 have been a whirlwind for London’s tech sector. Just-East burst onto the stock [...]

22 April 2014

LABOUR has admitted it made a mistake by staying silent about immigration when in government, on the same day [...]

11 April 2014

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has become the latest organisation to join the chorus of voices [...]

8 April 2014

CONSERVATIVE MPs are preparing to launch a new group to lobby the Prime Minister over his anti-immigration rhetoric. [...]

24 March 2014

European commissioner Laszlo Andor has welcomed the European parliament's adoption of a series of measures that [...]

12 March 2014

BUSINESS leaders have accused the government of holding British firms back after a Conservative minister called [...]

7 March 2014

The politically contentious report into the impact of migration on UK employment by the Department for Business, [...]

6 March 2014

Last night, a Newsnight report claimed the publication of a much-anticipated cross-governmental report on immigration [...]

5 March 2014

IMMIGRATION is a sensitive subject at the best of times. So when figures published last week showed that net migration [...]

3 March 2014

EFFORTS by the government to reduce immigration are failing, as the level of net migration to the UK rises once [...]

28 February 2014

There has been a 38 per cent increase in net flow of long-term migrants to 212,000 in the year ending September [...]

27 February 2014

European commissioner Laszlo Andor has come out fighting against the Swiss referendum decision to restrict the [...]

26 February 2014

EU MIGRANTS will have to prove they are earning at least £149 per week for three months before they can claim [...]

20 February 2014

EUROPE is back in the headlines, with immigration and David Cameron’s meeting with French President Francois [...]

3 February 2014

YESTERDAY saw the government announce the latest in a line of restrictions on the benefits immigrants can claim. [...]

21 January 2014

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