Sharing economy

GPS-enabled smartphones and apps have transformed urban commutes more than any technological advancement in the [...]

1 October 2014

This was the summer the sharing economy truly hit London. First, we had black cabs bring Whitehall to a standstill [...]

11 August 2014

Guests using home and room rental app Airbnb in Europe avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 200,000 [...]

31 July 2014

Business travel looks like the next big market to be disrupted by the sharing economy as its poster children Uber [...]

29 July 2014

When Airbnb launched its rebranded logo in San Francisco last night, it knew it would get a fair bit of attention [...]

17 July 2014

Hitchhiking once meant a compassionate driver picking up a rain-sodden stranger for nothing more than heartfelt [...]

14 July 2014

LONDON will open its doors to home and room rental apps such as Airbnb and OneFineStay as part of the government’s [...]

9 June 2014

Airbnb is a company thriving on the sharing economy. The online platform enables people to rent out space in or [...]

30 April 2014

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman really doesn’t like Airbnb. He’s meeting the holiday rental company [...]

22 April 2014

AIRBNB, the online marketplace that allows homeowners to rent spare rooms from a mobile app, is in late-stage [...]

21 March 2014

Airbnb is in advanced talks to raise funds that’d value it at more than $10bn, reports the Wall Street Journal. [...]

20 March 2014

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