Shale gas fracking

THE FORMER chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell had his pay halved last year in light of the oil giant’s “disappointing” [...]

14 March 2014

Investors in the UK’s burgeoning shale gas industry should be delighted with today’s decision by a Manchester [...]

10 March 2014

Estimates of shale gas reserves in parts of the North West of England have been raised by 50 per cent. [...]

5 March 2014

A High Court hearing in Manchester tomorrow will decide whether landowners The Peel Group will be granted a consent [...]

20 February 2014

SHALE GAS explorer Cuadrilla Resources yesterday said that it plans to start fracking at two new sites in Lancashire, [...]

5 February 2014

GLOBAL energy consumption will rise by 41 per cent by 2035, with 95 per cent of that growth in demand coming from [...]

16 January 2014

TO SUPPORT the development of its huge shale potential, Britain desperately needs the backing of investors, local [...]

14 January 2014

SHALE GAS exploration was given a further boost by the government today, as local councils were told that they [...]

13 January 2014

DAVID Cameron would welcome fracking for shale gas in his Oxfordshire constituency, his spokesman confirmed [...]

20 August 2013

POLITICIANS and businesses have thrown their support behind fracking, insisting the controversial form of gas [...]

19 August 2013

NO PART of Britain should be considered off-limits when it comes to fracking for shale gas, the energy minister [...]

9 August 2013

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