Quantitative easing

LET ME begin with a confession. I admire former Fed chair Ben Bernanke for undertaking quantitative easing (QE) [...]

7 April 2014

MOST of the Federal Reserve’s rate-setting board now believe that the positive effects of quantitative easing [...]

9 January 2014

HALF a decade of rock-bottom interest rates and loose monetary policy have delivered an astonishing windfall to [...]

14 November 2013

But a subsequent rally in global equities may be short-lived given the lingering uncertainties [...]

22 October 2013

Speaking optimistically about economic recovery Bank of England governor Mark Carney has said there's no case [...]

27 September 2013

FED BOARD member Jeremy Stein suggested yesterday that he would have been happy if the tapering of QE had begun [...]

27 September 2013

Stock markets surge as the US Federal Reserve decides not to start rolling back its easy money scheme [...]

19 September 2013

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