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Lloyds sent borrowers letters from its own law firm under a different name for decades, the bank admitted yesterday.

17 July 2014

The payday loans industry is expecting to see revenue shrink by 42 per cent if new caps on interest proposed by [...]

16 July 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority has proposed putting severe restrictions on the amount of interest that can be [...]

15 July 2014

Newly appointed Wonga chairman Andy Haste wasted no time yesterday in announcing a number of sweeping changes [...]

15 July 2014

Payday lender Wonga yesterday named former RSA Insurance group chief executive Andy Haste as chairman, who vowed [...]

15 July 2014

New Wonga chairman Andy Haste wasted no time announcing his first task at the helm of the controversial payday [...]

14 July 2014

The Church of England has sold its indirect stake in payday lender Wonga, worth less than £100,000, ending its [...]

11 July 2014

WONGA staff or ex-employees could face prison if the police investigation into the payday lender leads to successful [...]

30 June 2014

Police are considering whether to pursue a criminal investigation against Wonga after it sent out fake legal letters [...]

27 June 2014

Wonga, which presents itself as the “straight talking” antidote to traditional payday lenders, was yesterday [...]

26 June 2014

THERE’S only one word for Wonga’s actions between October 2008 and November 2010, when it sent fake lawyers’ [...]

26 June 2014

Payday lender Wonga has agreed to pay compensation to around 45,000 customers over what Britain's financial regulator [...]

25 June 2014

Founder and chairman of payday lender Wonga Errol Damelin has stepped down from the company's board. [...]

13 June 2014

Niall Wass, chief executive of Wonga, is stepping down. [...]

22 May 2014

Campaign group Occupy London is to mobilise this Mayday, in order to fight what they see as "the new economic [...]

30 April 2014

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