London airport expansion

Plans supported by London mayor Boris Johnson to build a new airport on the Thames estuary have been sunk by the [...]

2 September 2014

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson was dealt a blow last night after his plan for an island airport in east London was [...]

2 September 2014

WITH the Airports Commission widely tipped to make an announcement about Boris Johnson’s Estuary airport proposal [...]

1 September 2014

The CBI looks like it has put its weight behind an extension to Heathrow airport in a blow to the London mayor's [...]

1 September 2014

Heathrow and Gatwick have reported record high passenger numbers for the month of July, adding fuel to the argument [...]

11 August 2014

HEATHROW Airport said support is building for its ambition to build a third runway, as its earnings soared following [...]

29 April 2014

The Mayor of London has been a vocal supporter of a new airport to the east of London, so much so that one of [...]

31 March 2014

Gatwick Airport has made its latest pitch for permission to build a second runway, claiming it will regenerate [...]

25 March 2014

AFTER reviewing more than 50 airport expansion proposals, Sir Howard Davies’s Airports Commission is releasing [...]

17 December 2013

BRITAIN needs new runways in the south east to keep up with the rest of the world, the head of the government’s [...]

8 October 2013

GATWICK Airport claimed yesterday that it could build a new runway for as little as £5bn and more than double [...]

24 July 2013

HEATHROW yesterday insisted that building a third runway at the airport is the best way to add extra flights in [...]

18 July 2013

AS THE deadline for submissions to the Airports Commission looms, we’ve seen a flurry of proposals from all [...]

18 July 2013

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