Green energy

THERE is no doubt that fossil fuel subsidies – mostly found in the developing world – are a major and unwelcome [...]

31 July 2014

Politicians everywhere have to decide between satisfying long-term national needs and achieving short-term electoral [...]

14 July 2014

Private equity firm KKR clinched a landmark green energy deal yesterday after snapping up a stake in a Spanish-based [...]

25 June 2014

Germany is big on renewables and at the beginning of June it succeeded in producing half of its energy from solar [...]

20 June 2014

Yesterday, it momentarily slipped Warren Buffett’s mind how much money Berkshire Hathaway is shelling out on [...]

10 June 2014

The widespread use of wind and solar energy poses a serious risk to the UK's energy security and could undermine [...]

3 June 2014

POLITICIANS and activists are celebrating the news that Siemens is prepared to invest £160m in facilities in [...]

25 March 2014

Siemens' chief executive, Roland Aurich, has said that the UK’s pledge to produce 30 per cent of UK energy from [...]

25 March 2014

Competition could be coming to solar-powered fuel, with new and inexpensive materials nearing the market. [...]

24 February 2014

IT MAY be a clean form of energy, but solar has become a dirty word in some circles. Given expensive subsidies [...]

21 February 2014

WITH Centrica threatening to pull the plug on a £2bn offshore wind farm if the government did not increase already [...]

5 December 2013

THE CROWN Estate, which controls seabeds around the UK, yesterday said there are no plans to build a wind farm [...]

27 November 2013

FINANCING problems have hit RWE Innogy’s 240-turbine wind farm plan off the Devon cost, it was reported last [...]

26 November 2013

GERMAN energy firm E.On yesterday narrowed its full-year earnings forecast, after posting a 19 per cent decline [...]

14 November 2013

Never mind the price hikes with these nifty gizmos

14 November 2013

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