The European Central Bank will push ahead with plans to roll back its stimulus package at the end of the year, [...]

16 November 2018

The Italian government is defying the European Commission’s request that it revise its draft budget for 2019 [...]

16 November 2018

Italy defied a European Commission deadline to submit a revised budget tonight, telling the EU it will not change [...]

13 November 2018

Top European investment banks would have to raise €​11bn (£9.57bn) to meet the informal threshold implemented [...]

13 November 2018

Adecco today said its revenue growth slowed to two per cent in the third quarter as economic uncertainty took [...]

6 November 2018

Eurozone finance ministers stood their ground against the Italian government tonight, as it urged policymakers [...]

5 November 2018

There definitely comes a time where a fresh pair of eyes and fresh leadership would be good.” Those are the [...]

1 November 2018

Has the EU overstepped the mark by rejecting Italy’s budget? [...]

25 October 2018

Italy’s expansionary budget will not risk the EU’s financial health, the country claimed today as it seeks [...]

22 October 2018

The EU hopes to reduce tensions with Italy over its inflammatory 2019 budget, according to European economics [...]

19 October 2018

The start of this week witnessed yet another spike in Italian bond yields, as the country’s coalition government [...]

9 October 2018

Fears over Italy’s cost of borrowing eased this morning on reports that the country plans to slash debt by two [...]

3 October 2018

The cost of borrowing for the Italian sovereign rose to its highest since 2014 today amid investor fears of a [...]

2 October 2018

Eurozone producer price inflation accelerated above expectations in July, powered by a rise in expensive energy [...]

4 September 2018

Unemployment in the European Union is at the lowest rate in a decade, according to new figures released today. [...]

31 August 2018

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