Oil prices rose this morning as traders returned to work after Saudi Arabia said Opec still plans to decrease [...]

20 May 2019

A drone attack at Gatwick airport which brought 140,000 people’s Christmas travel plans to a standstill was [...]

14 April 2019

Last year’s disruption at Gatwick airport is estimated to have cost over £50m. The incident points to the [...]

8 April 2019

New technologies always stir emotion, and as we’ve seen with the drone incidents at Heathrow and Gatwick, they [...]

7 April 2019

Many will be familiar with the trauma: you drop your smartphone and the screen shatters into a modern-day mosaic. [...]

25 March 2019

MPs have launched an investigation into the ethical and safety implications of drones in the wake of travel chaos [...]

7 March 2019

Fedex has unveiled a pizza delivery robot that will hit the streets this summer. [...]

28 February 2019

Drones and similar model aircraft will be banned from flying within a five kilometre radius from airport runways [...]

20 February 2019

The thing about the 1970s – if you lived through them – is that they were for the most part dull and dour [...]

11 February 2019

Drone disruption at Gatwick cost Easyjet £15m, the airline revealed today, as it said that 82,000 passengers [...]

22 January 2019

Police are appealing for information as they hunt for a drone which grounded flights at Heathrow yesterday. [...]

9 January 2019

Police have brought in help from the military as they carry out an investigation into a drone sighting that brought [...]

9 January 2019

Planes have been grounded at Heathrow after the airport confirmed there had been drone sighting just weeks after [...]

8 January 2019

Police are to get additional powers to help combat the illegal use of drones following the mass disruption at [...]

8 January 2019

The government will consider expanding the drone exclusion zone around UK airports from 1km to 5km in the wake [...]

5 January 2019

Gatwick and Heathrow are spending millions of pounds on anti-drone technology after drones disrupted thousands [...]

4 January 2019

Tiny robots the size of a human fingernail will one day swim and crawl along Britain’s vast network of underground [...]

3 January 2019

It is finally 2019, and I can’t wait to see what surprises the technology industry has in store for us. What [...]

3 January 2019

Military equipment installed at Gatwick to stop drones disrupting flights has now been removed, the Ministry [...]

3 January 2019

A pair of suspects arrested in the Gatwick Airport drone inquiry have been released without charge today. [...]

23 December 2018

Sussex Police have arrested two people in connection with the "criminal use of drones" that resulted in major [...]

22 December 2018

Gatwick Airport has reopened this morning, after an investigation into reports of drones flying near the airfield [...]

21 December 2018

The Army has been deployed to assist with the ongoing crisis at Gatwick airport, which has seen flights grounded [...]

20 December 2018

E-commerce giant Amazon is set to further cement its commitment to the UK, after it revealed plans tonight for [...]

19 October 2018

  Speaking as a real grown up with a workplace pension and several direct debits, who goes on holidays and comes [...]

21 September 2018

When was the last time you actually bought a DVD or CD? Most likely, you subscribe to a digital streaming service, [...]

29 August 2018

A Tesla shareholder has written an open letter to chief executive Elon Musk in a bid to abandon a deal to take [...]

23 August 2018

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) era has been upon us for a few months since implementation in [...]

22 August 2018

In the months ahead, as we continue to bridge the divide between pre- and post-GDPR communications, the marketing [...]

22 August 2018

Opposition leaders in Venezuela are fearing a backlash after the country’s socialist President appeared to come [...]

5 August 2018

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