One big player in financial services is taking Bitcoin more seriously. Capital One, the US bank holding company, [...]

9 June 2014

One of the most potent criticisms that has been leveled against the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is that the [...]

5 June 2014

Prospects for Bitcoin in the UK have been boosted over the past week after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) [...]

4 June 2014

Apple's latest update to its app store guidelines may have opened the way to allow apps that deal in Bitcoin and [...]

3 June 2014

Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange has made its official launch, with the intention of being Latin America's [...]

2 June 2014

The success or failure of the world's favourite cyrptocurrency depends on its legal status, according to a research [...]

29 May 2014

The holding company of the stricken Bitcoin exchange MtGox is hoping to sell the trademarked word Bitcoin, according [...]

28 May 2014

Privacy centred cryptocurrency Darkcoin has suffered a massive 23 per cent fall after its blockchain split into [...]

27 May 2014

The good news just keeps on coming for privacy-centered cryptocurrency Darkcoin. In just 24 hours the digital [...]

22 May 2014

CEOs of some of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges are meeting in Beijing at the Global Bitcoin Summit to discuss [...]

21 May 2014

A report by the Bank of Canada (BoC) has warned that the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency Bitcoin could bring [...]

15 May 2014

BITPAY, the Atlanta-based Bitcoin payments processor, has reportedly raised $30m (£17.8m), and Richard Branson [...]

14 May 2014

One of the newest cryptocurrencies has been experiencing a surge in recent days. [...]

12 May 2014

A whiff of something fresh in the cryptocurrency space. [...]

6 May 2014

The CEOs of five Chinese Bitcoin exchanges have pulled out of the Global Bitcoin Summit, reports CoinDesk. [...]

6 May 2014

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