INCREASINGLY, I am receiving requests for legal support from Russian and Western individuals and businesses who are suffering from the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Russia, and from Russia’s counter-measures.

THE LATEST fiasco at Tesco could prove an embarrassment for more than just the retailer. There appears to have been an overstatement of profit of some £250m, and some are asking questions about the company’s auditors.

JUST as with small business lending, the house-building market in Britain is deeply dysfunctional. Development is being suffocated, helping to inflate house prices and stoke the red-hot rental market.

John Lamidey, senior partner at Arminius Associates and former chief executive of the Consumer Finance Association, says Yes.

The increasing likelihood that Chelsea might remain at Stamford Bridge, the club's home since 1905, is wildly comforting to me as a supporter since the late sixties.

ED MILIBAND’S promise of an £8 per hour minimum wage by 2020 is one of the latest salvoes in the political battle over living standards.

ED MILIBAND made a pitch for office that was so forgettable that he forgot it himself.” That line was the key message chancellor George Osborne wanted us to take away from his party conference speech yesterday.

George Osborne had more good news for retirees and savers yesterday, as he brought forward the announcement that he is abolishing the 55 per cent tax charge applied to some people’s pensions on their death – the so-called pensions death tax.

Nathan Gamester, programme director at the Legatum Institute, says Yes.

Ukip activists argue that their party’s growth is just as much of a threat to Labour as it is to the Conservatives.

For all that he is supposed to be a master communicator – and despite the oceans of ink spilled on the subject – I must confess I have no idea what exactly  President Obama is trying to do against the Islamic State (IS).
In the twenty-first century, superfast broadband is something we take for granted, like clean water and bright lights.

One piece of data that can strike fear into the minds of government officials is the level of company formations.

Gina Miller is founder of the True and Fair Campaign and SCM Private, says Yes.

The announced settlement between the American and British authorities and Lloyds Banking Group, in which the bank will pay almost $370m to US and UK authorities, is the latest major fallout from claims that multiple international banks profited by

After Ed Miliband’s much-maligned slip-ups, this weekend it’s Nigel Farage’s turn to show the world he’s a man of the people, at the Ukip party conference. 
When a brand pops its clogs, what should happen to its social media presence?
This month’s collapse of mobile retailer Phones 4u shows one thing for sure - brand owners should not simply give up on their profiles.

A job interview is about standing out - in a good way.

You want to show yourself off, talk what you have achieved, what you can do and what makes you different from the rest.

The European Union’s antitrust case against Microsoft’s abuse of its dominant position to bundle software with Windows began in 1993 and wouldn’t conclude until 2009.

Under Ed Miliband, Europe has somewhat fallen by the wayside as a priority policy issue for Labour, just as it has rapidly escalated in importance for the Conservatives.

LONDON is a magnet for talent – there is little doubting that. But it is also a city with an underlying weakness that should be recognised as a danger to the capital’s competitiveness.

James McGregor, director of Retail Remedy, says Yes.

Tesco’s admission this week that it had overstated its declining profits by £250m was one hell of a story.

Things are always unnoticed until they’re noticed.” Those seven Rumsfeld-esque words could seal Sir Richard Broadbent’s fate as Tesco chairman.

PARTY conference season is in full swing, with politicians honing their soundbites for the coming general election.

WHEN the Prime Minister promised an EU referendum in January 2013, the idea that the UK might be better off outside the EU was unfathomable for many, an idea relegated to the fringes of political discussion.

HOUSING is a basic human right, and we are denying it to our children. If current house price rises continue, babies born today will pay £6.3m in 2048 for a one bedroom London flat.

Hannah Stuart, research fellow at The Henry Jackson Society, says Yes.

Another day, and another fine for Barclays. The FCA’s £38m fine on the bank for failing to protect its clients from the risk of loss will not substantially weaken Barclays financially.

Crisps are not a product known for their constant innovation. In fact, recent YouGov polling shows there is genuine resistance to the introduction of new flavours, with around three in 10 believing there are enough flavours already.

To paraphrase the economist John Maynard Keynes, Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday to the Labour Party conference was an extraordinary example of how, starting with a mistake, a remorseless logician can end in Bedlam.

FEARS of deflation are rising across Europe, as inflation keeps edging down to lower and lower rates.

Colin, Gareth, Elizabeth, the two young women in the local park… it sounds like the beginning of that song by The Beautiful South, which is apt, given the track was called Song for Whoever.

Scott Corfe, senior economist at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, says Yes.

SEVEN years ago I worked for a charity in Covent Garden. It was a fairly standard office, with us low-level employees popping out every lunchtime to escape the tedium and top up on sustenance.

ANYONE who campaigned in the Scottish referendum felt the strength of anger directed towards Westminster. And it’s not confined to Scotland. The same anger is felt in London, Manchester and across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Labour’s party conference will see Ed Miliband try to shift public focus away from the Scottish referendum fallout and back towards the choice at next year’s general election.

EVEN before the announcement of accounting irregularities yesterday, Tesco was a company beset by problems.

Robin Simcox, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes.

Jon Moulton’s unprovoked attack in his column directed against me personally is nothing more than a cheap shot.