Appscatter Talk


Taking your app global is a process that requires a focused strategy and a clear vision of where you want to be – and who you [...]

29 November

After a lot of hard work (but thankfully not too much blood and tears), today we announced the public launch of the appScatter [...]

24 November

Found on both IOS and Android, Bitcoin is used in apps ranging from wallets to apps that can help convert bitcoin to physical [...]

14 November

The mobile app market is a massive and monstrous marketplace where the number of annual app downloads is forecast to top 200 [...]

1 November

The first update comes in the form of a new dock for the iPad. The dock now features your most recently used apps as well as [...]

19 September

Ever since Bradley Wiggins kick started the UK's dominance of professional cycling in 2012, the sport has seen massive growth [...]

12 September

Whether you’re a fan of travelling for work or hate it with a passion, for many of us it’s a necessary part of life. Ensuring [...]

7 September

Whether you’re looking to expand the reach of your app or more effectively target a specific international region, the alternative [...]

25 August

The British summer seemed to barely get started and already it’s time to think about the return to school, college and university. [...]

17 August

The risk of app piracy is high and with that comes significant risk to brand reputation, ranking and revenues. Luckily we’ve [...]

7 August

Whether you’re an app developer, you are responsible for commissioning app development or you’re simply tasked with promoting [...]

27 July

Generally speaking, app developers, like brands in a supermarket, are in a battle for two scarce resources: consumer attention [...]

25 July

App developers face great difficulties in getting their work noticed. [...]

28 June

Android is an incredibly popular platform, and it is both growing and improving all the time. Android's openness must surely [...]

15 June

User engagement is the desire of all app developers. If you engage users with your app, you will retain them. User retention [...]

14 June