Steve Sedgwick


Steve Sedgwick is co-anchor of CNBC’s flagship programme Squawk Box Europe, and is CNBC’s Opec reporter.

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EXCUSES, excuses followed by more excuses. When is the broader asset management industry going to put its hands up and say; “We [...]

3 October

THE first week of September is a sorry one for millions of Britons. It’s the end of the holidays, and not just for the kids. [...]

30 August

SO, it’s Royal Wedding week – how exciting! I have decided to become a Royalist this week because we all get an extra day [...]

26 April

The ongoing sequence of tragedies in Japan has understandably shaken investor sentiment heavily. In two days last week the Nikkei [...]

21 March

LET’S face it; for most of the rally off the 2009 lows, equity investors could have got a decent return from buying just about [...]

14 February

This is it – the last meaningful trading week of the year. This is the final opportunity for anyone wanting to move around [...]

13 December

THANK God it’s Monday. It’s nice to get back to the doom and gloom of untradeable equity markets, the melting dollar and [...]

1 November

THE return of global M&A in 2010 has been cited as unambiguous evidence corporations are feeling more confident about themselves. [...]

20 September

DESPITE a nice run of data in the UK and across Europe over the last week or so, it’s still hard to shake off the prevailing [...]

23 August

AS WE enter the first full trading week of the second half of the year, the markets remain in a foul mood. Bad news suggesting [...]

5 July

Values have shrunken to fantastic levels; taxes have risen; our ability to pay has fallen; government of all kinds is faced by [...]

7 December

I AM no fortune teller but I want to make a prediction: there will be a wave of righteous indignation at the “obscene” amount [...]

26 October

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius, according to Fulton J Sheen. Now whilst it is hard to argue that there is [...]

14 September

FORTY years ago today Neil Armstrong jumped off the ladder of his Eagle landing module as the US finally won the decade long [...]

20 July

IN THE good old days of open outcry trading the Liffe market was at its busiest between 1.29pm and 1.31pm on the first Friday [...]

29 June