Steve Sedgwick


Steve Sedgwick is co-anchor of CNBC’s flagship programme Squawk Box Europe, and is CNBC’s Opec reporter.

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IHAVE just come back from Vienna where “es regnet Katzen und Hunde” for the entire 36 hours I was there. It made London seem [...]

4 June

A correction may be coming but it’s a painful wait for the money men

14 May
26 February

ENOUGH is enough. No more snow please. As an Englishman, I know deep down we are atrocious at handling Alpine conditions in this [...]

22 January

DECEMBER signals the advent of Christmas: a time for celebration, relaxation, and over-indulgence. But less so this year. The [...]

4 December

I LOOKED out at the frost on my lawn yesterday and thought about the joys of autumn. The golden leaves falling from the trees, [...]

15 October

FOR such a highly paid group of professionals the great and the good of the financial markets have been behaving in somewhat [...]

28 August

BEING a business journalist for CNBC has upsides and downsides. Every day we get to speak to the biggest players in the global [...]

11 June

IT’S only 74 days to go now before the start of the London 2012 Olympics and organisers are clambering over themselves to tell [...]

14 May

HOW many times since October have you heard the words, “I think the equity market has run up too fast and I’m waiting for [...]

10 April

GREAT. Just as we begin to think of a world saved from immediate financial collapse as the 7th Cavalry that is the European Central [...]

5 March

NEW buyers, please. One month down, 11 to go. It has been a nice January so far for most of the long equity brigade, with markets [...]

30 January

IT was one of the worst Opec meetings ever,” exclaimed the most important man in world oil, Ali al-Naimi, back in June to a [...]

12 December

DIPLOMATS are useful only in fair weather. As soon as it rains they drown in every drop”. So said France’s most famous post-war [...]

7 November