Steve Sedgwick


Steve Sedgwick is co-anchor of CNBC’s flagship programme Squawk Box Europe, and is CNBC’s Opec reporter.

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THE CURRENT state of equity markets is taking me back to a song from my youth: “dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer. Well [...]

19 May

What is the biggest trade in the markets just now? The one-way bet on European fixed income, with ECB QE set to obliterate anyone [...]

10 March

Not that I’m trying to do myself out of a job, but I’m a tad amazed by the furore building up about this Thursday’s Opec [...]

25 November

Forget QE, surely the precipitous oil price decline in the last couple of weeks will finally give the down-trodden European economy [...]

7 October

In a world where we are sold pups on a daily basis by both policymakers and the market snake-oil salesmen, yesterday’s Bank [...]

26 August

Can it be three years since I was last in Cloud Cuckoo Land – sorry, I mean Portugal – talking about the fundamentals in [...]

15 July

HERE we go again. We heard more gumpf last week about the precipitous decline of the Vix market volatility index, and how the [...]

10 June

CAN THERE be a clearer illustration of the difference between French and British attitudes to business than this week’s M&A [...]

29 April

WHAT have insider trading, price-fixing, front-running financial market players got to do with the Crimea crisis we are now confronting [...]

18 March

WHAT is the difference between the global economy on the last day of 2013 and the first day of 2014? Absolutely nothing. And [...]

4 February

IRELAND has completed a remarkable comeback and has become the first of the European bailout countries to exit the programme. [...]

17 December

IT ALL got a bit catty behind the scenes on the set of SquawkBox this week. During one of our daily market open strategy debates, [...]

5 November

IT’S ONLY 91 days until Christmas and, for the movers and shakers in the fund management industry, we’re close to “squeaky [...]

24 September

HOW many UK seaside resorts claim to be “Chelsea-on-Sea”? There are at least a dozen in Cornwall and Devon alone. One of [...]

13 August

IT MAY be Tuesday, but a lot of us are still recovering from a momentous weekend for British sport. It was great to see Andy [...]

9 July