Stephan Shakespeare

Stephan co-founded YouGov in 2000. He has previously worked as a political campaign manager and is now chair of the Data Strategy Board for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Wednesday 28 January 2015
Although yesterday’s  2014 fourth quarter GDP figures confirmed the fastest growth since before the financial crisis, the economy risks slowing in early 2015 as consumer confidence continues to be restrained.
Wednesday 21 January 2015
It's never a good idea to change the recipe of a well-loved treat – and Cadbury’s Creme Egg is no except­ion. Following anger last week over an apparent change in taste, a Cadbury’s spokesman said: “It’s no longer [made with] Dairy Milk.
Wednesday 14 January 2015
In another blow to traditional British grocers in the ongoing supermarket price war, budget food retailers Aldi and Lidl are the highest performing brands in YouGov’s BrandIndex Buzz score rankings for 2014.
Wednesday 07 January 2015
Previously unassailable fast food giant McDonald’s is facing a Big Mac-with-bacon-and--extra-cheese-sized challenge as falling sales and negative customer opinion are taking a huge bite out of its market share.
Wednesday 17 December 2014
THE CHRISTMAS period is always one of great stress and pressure for the delivery sector.
Wednesday 10 December 2014
Budget supermarkets, and specifically Aldi and Lidl, have taken the British high street by storm, with consumers warmly embracing the German retailers’ “low price but high quality” message.
Wednesday 03 December 2014
THE LATEST YouGov / Cebr Consumer Confidence Index figures have rallied slightly, but there are warning signs ahead for the economy in the next few months.
Wednesday 26 November 2014
John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin Christmas advert was released earlier this month amid a great deal of hype, making the £7m campaign a festive tradition in its own right.
Wednesday 12 November 2014
To the dismay of fans the world over, in the last week Taylor Swift decided to remove all her songs and albums from the music streaming service Spotify.
Wednesday 05 November 2014
Homebase, the home improvement giant, has announced that it is to close about a quarter of its 323 stores, raising questions as to whether this a necessary restruct­uring or because the nation – and particularly the younger generat­ion – has falle
Wednesday 29 October 2014
THE UK’S economic growth slowed down in the third quarter of the year – and while still strong, there are fears that the recovery could lose momentum.
Wednesday 22 October 2014
It was called the “Snappening” – the vast leak of Snapchat pictures, including thousands of nude images, some of them of under-17s – the app’s main demographic.
Wednesday 15 October 2014
Once a regular fixture on the high street, growing compet­ition from online ret­ail­ers, sup­er­markets and the rise of e-books is taking its toll on book­sellers – even on chains such as Water­stones.
Wednesday 08 October 2014
THESE are not happy times for Sainsbury’s. It became the brunt of many a joke when a poster meant for staff asking them to convince shoppers to spend an extra 50p on their visits was mistaken­ly displayed in a branch window.
Thursday 02 October 2014
IN his speech to the Conservative conference in Birmingham this week, George Osborne stated: “Britain is the fast­est-growing, most job-creating, most deficit-reducing advanced econ­omy on earth.”
Wednesday 24 September 2014
Crisps are not a product known for their constant innovation. In fact, recent YouGov polling shows there is genuine resistance to the introduction of new flavours, with around three in 10 believing there are enough flavours already.
Ice bucket challenge
Wednesday 17 September 2014
With the hype over the ice bucket challenge seemingly cooling, we can analyse how successful the campaign has been in raising awareness of one of the charities concerned.
Wednesday 10 September 2014
NEWS that Network Rail will be answerable to parliament – having its status changed so that it counts as part of the private sector – has caused a stir among MPs, executives and the public more generally.
Homes in Bath
Wednesday 03 September 2014
A decline in homeowners’ opti­m­ism about the property mar­ket has led to a fall in our monthly You­Gov / Cebr Consumer Confidence In­dex for the first time since Dec­ember 2012.
Wednesday 27 August 2014
Are we witnessing a comeback from traditional high street retailer HMV? Recent figures suggest so, with announce­ments highlighting stronger sales and consumer perception.
Manchester United vs Swansea City
Wednesday 20 August 2014
Following on from my column last week covering the home broad­band market, I analyse another area in which BT has expanded in to – live broadcasts of Premier League matches.
Kevin Bacon
Wednesday 13 August 2014
The battle to dominate the home broadband market continues unabated, with the main in­d­ustry players going to ever in­creasing lengths to ensure that they win the hearts and minds of consumers.
Wednesday 06 August 2014
The summer of sunshine to which the British public has been treated has presented a wonderful market­ing opportunity to brands – especially alcoholic beverage comp­anies – to cash in on consumer desire to have “fun in the sun”.
Wednesday 30 July 2014
House prices are rarely out of the headlines, particularly in the capital. After unpreced­ented increases and talk of a bubble, homeowners are becoming more circumspect.