Simon Massey


Simon Massey is global chief executive of strategic branding consultancy The Gild.

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I wrote recently about the sharing economy and the fact that hotels in New York are in court with Airbnb. Surprise surprise, [...]

13 June

I have been following the Pfizer AstraZeneca shenanigans with fascination and interest. From what I can gather, a big American [...]

23 May

I travel to New York on business a lot and have in the past paid a small fortune to stay in hotel rooms which have the good grace [...]

9 May

Tesco’s current strategy worries me enormously, especially off the back of a six per cent fall in profits. Chief executive [...]

17 April

Easyjet has announced that it is cutting its expected pre-tax losses, with CEO Carolyn McCall attributing its success to “progress [...]

28 March

Talk about timing: a couple of months ago our brand consultancy was approached to work with Moscow on rebranding Russia to make [...]

7 March