Roger Gifford

Roger Gifford
Roger Gifford

Roger Gifford is the 685th Lord Mayor of the City of London, whose one-year term began on 9 November 2012. He was elected as Alderman for the Ward of Cordwainer in the City of London in 2004 and 2011. He is a former Chairman (2007-11) and current Vice-Chairman of the Association of Foreign Banks, which represents all foreign banks based in London

Monday 28 October 2013
OVER the past twelve months, we have seen the UK economy, London and the City move towards a healthier position.
Monday 14 October 2013
LATER this month, London will play host to the first World Islamic Economic Forum to be held outside the Islamic world.
Monday 30 September 2013
OVER two millennia ago, the opening of the Silk Road in Asia had a transformative effect on trading right across the world.
Monday 16 September 2013
WHEN people talk about the “City”, they often do so solely in terms of its banks – and financial services.
Monday 02 September 2013
AFTER a long summer, this week students across London are heading off to work and university for the start of a new academic year.
Monday 19 August 2013
THE DUST has barely settled on the London Anniversary Games and work has already begun to convert the iconic Olympic Stadium for future use.
Monday 05 August 2013
THE attentions of many City workers will naturally be turning to exotic destinations as we enter the holiday season.
Monday 22 July 2013
SOME 160 years ago, a wave of UK companies and engineers – among them my own great, great grandfather – crossed the Atlantic to help develop Latin America’s railways in a remarkable feat of Victorian entrepreneurship.
Monday 08 July 2013
NOW that summer has finally arrived, bringing with it a welcome burst of sunshine, there is no better way to celebrate the great outdoors than by enjoying the range of cultural activities available across the Square Mile.
Monday 24 June 2013
EVENTS of the past week – the Banking Commission’s report, the chancellor’s speech at Mansion House, and the departures of Stephen Hester from RBS as well as Paul Tucker from the Bank of England – have given us plenty to chew on.
Monday 10 June 2013
THE idea that the “Nordic model” of capitalism would be held up as an economic paragon around the globe would have seemed highly unlikely only a couple of decades ago.
Monday 20 May 2013
IN A globalised world, it is increasingly a truism that no single financial centre can operate in isolation.
Monday 29 April 2013
THE government’s recent decision to launch a legal challenge to the proposed European financial transaction tax (FTT) has been supported widely in the City and beyond.
Monday 15 April 2013
AS A Scotsman who has worked for many years for a Swedish bank in Japan, you might suggest I have a particularly experienced perspective on the international nature of the City.
Monday 11 March 2013
CITY MATTERS EFFORTS to kick-start the economy and boost growth continue to dominate the headlines as we approach the Budget next week.
Monday 25 February 2013
THE news that several London boroughs – including some that neighbour the Square Mile – are among the areas worst-hit by child poverty is a stark reminder of the tough economic climate many people are facing across the capital.
Monday 11 February 2013
ONE of the most striking phrases in David Cameron’s recent speech on Europe was his recognition “that a new global race of nations is underway today”.
Monday 28 January 2013
THROUGHOUT its history the Square Mile has always been about far more than just business.
Monday 14 January 2013
EUROPE continues to dominate the agenda, as the Prime Minister’s eagerly-awaited speech on the subject lies on the horizon.
Wednesday 02 January 2013
NOW the curtain has closed on a glorious 2012 for London and Britain, the stage is already being prepared for a very different year ahead. We’ll need to build on recent achievements to deliver a tangible legacy for future generations.
Monday 10 December 2012
FEAR that the UK could slip into a triple-dip recession heightened last week, as the services sector posted an unexpected slowdown. Yet remarkably, over half of us are still giving to good causes, despite the challenging economic outlook.
Monday 26 November 2012
UNCERTAINTY over the future of Europe, and to an extent Britain’s role within it, continues to dominate the agenda, even as the latest summit in Brussels wraps up.
Monday 12 November 2012
IN THE 35 years since I first started working in the Square Mile, I have seen many things change. But one constant over this period is that the success of our financial services industry continues to be dependent on the concept of service.