Richard Wellings


Dr Richard Wellings is head of transport at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

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There is no value in government owning assets that it doesn’t need to. It ties up resources that could be used for other objectives, [...]

5 March

London’s population is forecast to hit 10m in 2030 and it’s difficult to see how the transport system will cope. A high proportion [...]

3 February

THE RECENT announcement that the projected cost of Crossrail 2 has risen to £27bn should be cause for deep concern within the [...]

15 December

IT’S A familiar but depressing story. When a big government project is first advocated, the backers downplay the costs in order [...]

22 August

ROADS carry 90 per cent of UK passenger traffic and 70 per cent of freight. Their efficiency, therefore, has a major impact on [...]

17 June

GOVERNMENTS have used motorists as a cash cow for decades. Fuel duty and road tax raise around £35bn a year, while less than [...]

30 October

IS ELECTRIFYING branch lines in Wales a top priority for transport investment? It seems unlikely. But then again the government’s [...]

17 July

CAPITALISM has a problem. Increasingly it is viewed as a deeply unfair system favouring a small, privileged elite at the expense [...]

19 January

THE Autumn Statement showed that George Osborne has failed to grasp the gravity of the economic crisis facing the UK. Urgent [...]

30 November

DAVID Cameron wants the coalition to be the “greenest government ever”. But it is doubtful this aim is compatible with strong [...]

7 October