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Philip Salter is founder of The Entrepreneurs Network.

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BARCLAYS and Vodafone have recently announced investments in London’s Tech City. No doubt some good will come out of this, [...]

6 August

FOR anyone who has waited on the pavement, praying that the next car to turn the corner is a black cab, Hailo could prove a godsend. [...]

30 July

WITH the Olympics in full flow, the government is determined to drum up business from our foreign guests. After all, trade is [...]

30 July

THE British Innovation Gateway (Big) is Cisco’s programme to support hi-tech business and innovation, and is a major part of [...]

23 July

POP-UP shops have all the warning signs of a government gimmick: a catchy name, the retail sector’s celebrity-in-chief Mary [...]

23 July

WHEN a teacher commits a crime, people don’t question the legitimacy of education. And when a doctor breaks the law – and [...]

16 July
11 July

WHEN Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg pitched up to his IPO in a hoodie, some criticised him. However, to get to that stage he had [...]

25 June

ON FRIDAY, Neil Carmichael MP from the education select committee, hosted a debate in the House of Commons on how innovative [...]

25 June

GOOD things don’t always come to those who wait. Here are some great prizes for talented entrepreneurs looking to kick-start [...]

18 June

AFTER opening to a flurry of optimism – following this weekend’s agreement to bail out Spanish banks – stock markets had [...]

12 June

ANY parent fighting against the near-impossible battle to keep their toddler’s diet healthy will have heard of Ella’s Kitchen. [...]

11 June

WHILE the Eurozone crumbles around us, businesses and entrepreneurs are working hard to build upon the shifting rubble. Here [...]

11 June

OVER the next three years, £82m of taxpayers’ money – or debt, to be more precise – will be funnelled into a scheme to [...]

29 May

IN LONDON alone there are more events to guide and inspire entrepreneurship than any entrepreneur would, or could, dare to attend. [...]

28 May