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Philip Salter is founder of The Entrepreneurs Network.

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THE glass is almost always half full for entrepreneurs. Reality is best put on the backburner when facing the trials of running [...]

15 October

FOR entrepreneurs limited by our shores, now is time to leave Britain on the nearest plane, train or automobile. Not to emigrate [...]

8 October

FOR too long, the worlds of entrepreneurship and finance have been separate spheres. The choice has always been between working [...]

1 October

City A.M.’s resident cocktail expert

25 September
24 September

AT THE recent Made entrepreneur festival in Sheffield, business and enterprise minister Michael Fallon announced that the Mentorsme [...]

24 September

AMAZON is coming to London's Tech City. Jeff Bezos's company will do a lot to help build what many entrepreneurs call an "entrepreneurial [...]

17 September

City A.M.’s resident cocktail expert

11 September

SIGNING an e-petition is about as close as the British get to the direct democracy of ancient Athens. And although it’s easy [...]

10 September

City A.M.’s resident cocktail expert

4 September

ON THE wall in the meeting room of Avanti’s London offices – just off Shoreditch high street – hangs a piece of A4 paper [...]

3 September

■ It has just been revealed that for the first time since records began, over 20 per cent of the working age population in [...]

3 September

TWITTER isn’t for everyone. But for those plugged into the social media tool, the tweeters below provide a base onto which [...]

20 August

THE road to success is not only long and winding, but it can also be rather rocky. There are always obstacles to trip you up [...]

13 August

FOLLOWING the 2008 financial crisis – when most people in financial services were losing their heads – Nathalie Dauriac-Stoebe [...]

6 August