Philip Salter


Director of The Entrepreneurs Network, He's also City A.M.'s resident cocktail columnist.

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15 May

The pleasure of drinking alcohol transcends the rise and fall of civilisations. Pottery dating back to the Neolithic period proves [...]

1 May

City A.M.’s cocktail expert @philip_salter

3 April
13 February
6 February

Hot punches are not in vogue. However, while it might not look as impressive as coolly flipping your cocktail down to freezing, [...]

13 November

City A.M.’s resident cocktail expert

30 October

CAPITALISM is often defended on the basis that it’s the least bad system, that it’s the system that allocates scarce resources [...]

22 October

THE glass is almost always half full for entrepreneurs. Reality is best put on the backburner when facing the trials of running [...]

15 October

FOR entrepreneurs limited by our shores, now is time to leave Britain on the nearest plane, train or automobile. Not to emigrate [...]

8 October