Philip Salter


Director of The Entrepreneurs Network, He's also City A.M.'s resident cocktail columnist.

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NOW is the time to stand athwart history. Now is the time for a band of brothers to unite against the barbarian at the gates; [...]

17 June

IN THE bad old days – when Britain was clearly divided between haves and have-nots – it was easy for the average Marxist [...]

16 June

This sunday is Father’s Day. Therefore, as if by edict from some central authority, people up and down the land will mindlessly [...]

10 June

TODAY, Silicon Valley Bank releases Innovation Economy Outlook 2014, its annual global survey of more than 1,200 executives of [...]

28 April

YOU CAN’T please all of the people all of the time, particularly if you’re the chancellor of the Exchequer. Even if George [...]

24 March

There are two competing theories of the human condition. The first suggests we are rational beings acting on free will, while [...]

15 January

JUST as November has become Movember – the ritual month in which every male is expected to don a moustache in order to prove [...]

8 January