Paul Blanchard


Paul Blanchard is chairman and founder of Right Angles, an international reputation management practice representing ultra high net worth individuals, thought leaders and chief executives of global companies. He is the host of the Media Masters podcast and author of Fast PR. Twitter: @paulwrblanchard

Social media

April 2019 articles

Tesla has just announced its first-quarter financial results, and I’m surprised to see the headline figures aren’t good: [...]

26 April

Anyone who knows about social media would recognise Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter: unruly beard, black knitted hat, dark clothes. [...]

23 April

The Legal Aid Agency has announced that Shamima Begum, the so-called “IS Bride”, will receive financial assistance to contest [...]

15 April

The decision by the Ecuadorian government to end Julian Assange’s diplomatic immunity and the Australian’s arrest by the [...]

11 April

Social media, and especially its archetype, Facebook, has had a difficult run of publicity over the past few years. The 2016 [...]

8 April

To boycott or not to boycott? It’s a very live issue. The BDS movement – boycott, divestment, sanctions – which grew out [...]

5 April