Marc Sidwell


Marc Sidwell was Executive Editor for City A.M. and is the author with Anthony O'Hear of The School of Freedom (Imprint Academic, 2009).

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How do you regulate the future? We live in an age of miraculous, disruptive technologies, yet one of its great challenges is [...]

29 November

THE possibility of a tie-up between FTSE 100 stalwart Babcock and helicopter transport specialist Avincis is continuing proof [...]

25 November

MY SMARTPHONE has a feature I can’t ever imagine using – it promises to insert my live picture into any snapshot I take by [...]

22 November

WHO SAYS the sky has to be the limit? Britain’s space industry has ambitions to become a global leader. The sector’s new [...]

15 November

WHEN you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” BT’s new chief executive Gavin Patterson has clearly been reading his Sun Tzu. BT’s [...]

11 November

A NEW kind of presidential run may have just got underway in America. With Hillary Clinton the likely Democrat nominee in 2016, [...]

8 November

HERE’S a Halloween horror story for you. One of America’s top experts on disease control has just announced that we are now [...]

1 November

ANTONY Jenkins says Barclays’ latest results show the benefits of its diversity as a group. But that’s what you’d expect [...]

31 October

THE TRIUMPHANT transformation of Canary Wharf is an object lesson in the power of visionary funders, able to see the long-term [...]

28 October

THERE’S something repellent about the Conservative Party’s new slogan “For Hardworking People”. I can’t agree with [...]

25 October

WHAT has Chicago got to do with Jerusalem? Economics and religion can seem an unlikely match. Yet this weekend I will be discussing [...]

18 October

THESE numbers show London can be proud of its status as a tech and media city. That said, the details are more complicated. In [...]

17 October

IT IS heartening to see more signs of the City’s IPO market building up a proper head of steam. Travelex would be a further [...]

14 October

THE WORLD has gone mad. No, really. If ever there was a time for even the most sanguine of political analysts to throw up their [...]

11 October

SWEET news for chocolate fans, but not so much for lovers of the high street. With revenue up 2.1 per cent, Thorntons’ latest [...]

10 October