Marc Sidwell


Marc Sidwell was Executive Editor for City A.M. and is the author with Anthony O'Hear of The School of Freedom (Imprint Academic, 2009).

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THE 1960s was a decade of explosive change, but the most important revolution wasn’t sexual: it was green. While Western intellectuals [...]

27 March

NOTHING suggests the triumph of image over substance like sending giant, candy-coloured cartoon figures to stand behind your [...]

27 March

FAREWELL to the pound coin’s familiar golden nugget design. Here comes the dough-decagon in its stead. The new 12-sided quid, [...]

20 March

OH YES, it’s back on again. A slightly higher price has secured this Spanish asset for Vodafone, handily expanding its offerings [...]

17 March

SEVENTEEN years ago this week, a stake-wielding schoolgirl redefined the possibilities of popular entertainment. Buffy the Vampire [...]

13 March

IT WAS the tweet heard round the web. The selfie Ellen DeGeneres took during the Oscars became an internet sensation. First, [...]

7 March

THIS was never going to be pretty. Standard Chartered’s shares have trended down since March last year. A $667m fine from US [...]

6 March

IT’S NOT just about the Crimea. Attention has naturally turned to Russia’s immediate strategic interest in Sevastopol. But [...]

3 March

YOU DON’T know what it’s like out there. I’ve worked in the private sector. They expect results!” Harold Ramis, the writer [...]

27 February

THE LEGO renaissance is one of the great business stories of our time. A decade ago the Danish firm was on the brink of bankruptcy. [...]

21 February

BOOHOO.COM’s founders look set to be crying tears of joy this March when the retailer, which specialises in catering to fashionistas, [...]

17 February

AS FACEBOOK turns ten, and with Bill Gates stepping down as Microsoft chairman, it feels like something is drawing to an end. [...]

7 February

WHAT is a bookshop for? Waterstones boss James Daunt is staunching the bleeding, as shown by the slowing rate of losses in the [...]

3 February

I FOR one don’t welcome our new robot overlords. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all in favour of the liberating potential of [...]

31 January

LONG live the new king. Sainsbury’s emphasis is firmly on continuity as it announces its new boss. The choice of commercial [...]

30 January