Marc Sidwell


Marc Sidwell was Executive Editor for City A.M. and is the author with Anthony O'Hear of The School of Freedom (Imprint Academic, 2009).

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THE decision to put the UK in the forefront of the development of driverless cars is a brave, smart choice. Smart because this [...]

31 July

Why should I let the toad work/ Squat on my life?” With the summer holiday season upon us, it’s easy, even in a hardworking [...]

10 July

FOURTH time lucky? The latest bid for pharma firm Shire from AbbVie is an improvement of 11 per cent on its third attempt, up [...]

9 July

CAN YOU carry a message to Garcia? Do you even know what it means? The phrase used to be household currency, at least in America, [...]

3 July

PANEM today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever.” You need to watch the chilling new teaser for the next Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay. [...]

26 June

THERE’S only one word for Wonga’s actions between October 2008 and November 2010, when it sent fake lawyers’ letters to [...]

26 June

THE FRENCH rooster is already crowing over the deal clinched with GE for Alstom’s energy businesses this weekend. I wish it [...]

23 June

FREEDOM doesn’t get many shout-outs from politicians in today’s Britain. The hustings of the nation whose proudest boast [...]

19 June

IF THE UK’s biggest supermarkets have any scraps of hope left that the discounters will soon stop nipping at their market share, [...]

18 June

THIS week, Pixar finally broke its silence, offering a glimpse of its next film. Inside Out won’t be released until next summer, [...]

12 June

DING ding, seconds out. Another round in the ongoing fight between BT and BSkyB, and this time Sky is the one landing a hard [...]

11 June

A SWORD of Damocles is suddenly hanging over the head of Carphone Warehouse. The ancient original was suspended by a single hair [...]

9 June

IT WAS a great invasion in the cause of liberty. Not 70 years ago, but two and a half millennia, when on 7 October 540 BC the [...]

5 June

HOW quickly a giant can start to resemble a dinosaur. Tesco’s likefor-like sales in the first quarter fell by a shocking 4 [...]

5 June

WITH the Glaxosmithkline (GSK) share price falling only 1.59 per cent, the market seems pretty sanguine about the announcement [...]

29 May