Marc Sidwell


Marc Sidwell was Executive Editor for City A.M. and is the author with Anthony O'Hear of The School of Freedom (Imprint Academic, 2009).

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THE Conservative party conference starts on Sunday and George Osborne may take some comfort from a new KPMG report that supports [...]

1 October

THE Irish parliament reconvenes today after its summer recess under distinctly chilly conditions. The markets have spent the [...]

29 September

WHEN Vince Cable told the Liberal Democrat conference, “I am shining a harsh light into the murky world of corporate behaviour,” [...]

23 September

Fresh off the plane from Denmark, Kim Fournais talks rapidly, his passion unmistakable. He is in celebratory mood. “Saxo Bank [...]

21 September

The European Union’s new proposals on short selling address a practice that supposedly contributed to recent financial crises. [...]

16 September


16 September

WHEN rival financial centres rewrote their rulebooks to their own disadvantage, London pounced. If current proposals are mishandled, [...]

15 September

WE SPEAK across the gleaming sweep of a boardroom table. Arthur Laffer has grabbed time for an interview while visiting CQS, [...]

13 September

EU FINANCE ministers are meeting today to discuss the latest incarnation of the Tobin Tax. The City should be worried. Tobin’s [...]

7 September