Marc Sidwell

Marc Sidwell
Marc Sidwell

Marc Sidwell is Managing Editor for City A.M. and the author with Anthony O'Hear of The School of Freedom (Imprint Academic, 2009).

Thursday 31 July 2014
MARKETS make people better. Not many people seem to think so these days, but the idea got a boost from a recent piece of research by Dan Ariely and others, which compared moral behaviour in Germans brought up in East and West Germany.
Thursday 31 July 2014
THE decision to put the UK in the forefront of the development of driverless cars is a brave, smart choice. Smart because this technology is accelerating fast and it makes sense to have a hand on the steering wheel.
Thursday 10 July 2014
Why should I let the toad work/ Squat on my life?” With the summer holiday season upon us, it’s easy, even in a hardworking and ambitious place like the City, for the mind to turn to the pleasures of life outside the office.
Wednesday 09 July 2014
FOURTH time lucky? The latest bid for pharma firm Shire from AbbVie is an improvement of 11 per cent on its third attempt, up to £51.15 per share.
Thursday 03 July 2014
CAN YOU carry a message to Garcia? Do you even know what it means? The phrase used to be household currency, at least in America, but seems to have rather dropped from view.
Thursday 26 June 2014
PANEM today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever.” You need to watch the chilling new teaser for the next Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay. Its cool irony confirms the series’s remarkable journey from minor young adult diversion to cultural milestone.
Thursday 26 June 2014
THERE’S only one word for Wonga’s actions between October 2008 and November 2010, when it sent fake lawyers’ letters to threaten late payers: shocking.
Monday 23 June 2014
THE FRENCH rooster is already crowing over the deal clinched with GE for Alstom’s energy businesses this weekend. I wish it well. But the socialists in the Elysee Palace should probably limit the liberality with which they spray their champagne.
Thursday 19 June 2014
FREEDOM doesn’t get many shout-outs from politicians in today’s Britain. The hustings of the nation whose proudest boast used to be “it’s a free country” now echo with little but shades of paternalist reassurance. Have a problem?
Wednesday 18 June 2014
IF THE UK’s biggest supermarkets have any scraps of hope left that the discounters will soon stop nipping at their market share, they should abandon them now.
Thursday 12 June 2014
THIS week, Pixar finally broke its silence, offering a glimpse of its next film.
Wednesday 11 June 2014
DING ding, seconds out. Another round in the ongoing fight between BT and BSkyB, and this time Sky is the one landing a hard punch.
Monday 09 June 2014
A SWORD of Damocles is suddenly hanging over the head of Carphone Warehouse. The ancient original was suspended by a single hair over a golden throne, a warning of the fragility of life at the top.
Thursday 05 June 2014
IT WAS a great invasion in the cause of liberty. Not 70 years ago, but two and a half millennia, when on 7 October 540 BC the army of Cyrus the Great entered Babylon by water.
Thursday 05 June 2014
HOW quickly a giant can start to resemble a dinosaur. Tesco’s likefor-like sales in the first quarter fell by a shocking 4 per cent if you exclude VAT, petrol and vouchers, its worst drop in years.
Thursday 29 May 2014
WITH the Glaxosmithkline (GSK) share price falling only 1.59 per cent, the market seems pretty sanguine about the announcement of an SFO investigation. That shouldn’t be too surprising.
Thursday 22 May 2014
SCENE: A LONDON BACK STREET... SOCRATES: Hey, you there, why are you tearing up those placards? ANGRY VOTER: It’s over, the racists have won. It’s a black day for democracy.
Thursday 22 May 2014
WE GOT an advance delivery from Royal Mail ahead of its first full year results as a private company this morning. It announced plans for Sunday opening of some offices for parcel collection and a pilot Sunday delivery scheme.
Thursday 15 May 2014
IT LOOKS like the monster showdown of the year.
Thursday 15 May 2014
EVERYONE rightly wants a share of China’s growth, but are companies ready for the challenges of a region where corruption is part of the landscape?
Monday 12 May 2014
IT’S NOT exactly a dramatic rebirth but there are some stirrings of spring in these figures.
Thursday 08 May 2014
THE STRATEGY is set for the general election on 7 May next year. Expect 12 more months of Labour banging on about the cost of living crisis, and a year of the Conservatives talking up the long-term economic plan.
Thursday 01 May 2014
IT IS time to give up the pretence that Ukip is an anti-establishment party. Clearly, the UK Independence Party is the power behind the British establishment’s throne, its secret master.
Thursday 01 May 2014
THE CHANGING fortune of just one drug was responsible for most of Glaxosmithkline’s woes in the first quarter, an alarming reminder of how dependent the pharma business can be on a few blockbuster treatments.
Monday 28 April 2014
MICROSOFT must be nursing its head this morning and wondering what on earth it was thinking of last week.