Liam Ward-Proud


Liam Ward-Proud is deputy business features editor at City A.M. He can be contacted at


But investors must be ultra-selective to see any long-term gains [...]

30 April

A strong pound brings opportunities for the discerning trader

29 April

Having an explanation ready for any abrupt departure is vital [...]

24 April

Traders set to increasingly feel the pinch from flare-ups in petro-states [...]

22 April

Beat the back-to-work blues by grabbing a seat and keeping a lid on your anger [...]

22 April

With ever more studies linking sitting down to early death, it’s time to consider losing the chair [...]

17 April

Current accounts offer eye-catching rates, but remember the tax advantages of Isas [...]

16 April

The ECB will opt for a massive sum to force the euro down [...]

15 April

The Fed’s pointless rate projections, encouraging signs in the Eurozone, emerging market stocks, and subdued UK mergers and [...]

11 April

Delegating clearly and obeying the “two pizza rule” will help your team work more effectively [...]

11 April

Ruthlessness and a focus on young talent may pay off, but be careful not to linger after quitting [...]

10 April

Homeworkers can be just as productive but risk missing out on the corporate culture [...]

9 April

The wisdom of crowds looks set to bridge the gap between retail and institutional investors [...]

8 April