Liam Ward-Proud


Liam Ward-Proud is deputy business features editor at City A.M. He can be contacted at


TRADITIONALLY the preserve of the largest companies, exporting is becoming increasingly accessible for small and medium-sized [...]

22 May

Liam Ward-Proud talks to All Response Media’s Colin Gillespie

19 May

India’s election, Japan’s dismal prospects, Scottish independence polls, and the a possible weakening of the euro.

16 May

Failing to adapt to the changing technological landscape will see you get left behind [...]

15 May

James Knight, founder of Keystone Law, talks to Liam Ward-Proud about gaining acceptance for a new business model, and how dispersed [...]

15 May

MANAGING multiple communications and IT systems is a challenge for many SMEs. For expansive organisations like Key Facilities [...]

15 May

Follow Nasa and Ronald Reagan’s tip to beat jet lag, and break out of the business bubble [...]

15 May

“Social Physics” can lead to incremental improvements, but risks marginalising strategy [...]

14 May

THE IMPORTANCE of customer service in business barely needs restating. We’re all more likely to go back to the barista who [...]

8 May

Intuition will only get you so far – businesses can learn a lot from the Catholic Church [...]

8 May

High achievers make the most of the quiet early hours to read, reflect, and exercise [...]

7 May

Yellen risks making the same mistake as Greenspan in 2004 [...]

6 May

What bond yields are really telling us, the halfway point in Eurozone austerity, China's not-so-great economy, and the new merger [...]

2 May

Adopting a “power pose” will give you a  confidence burst [...]

2 May