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The launch of the Apple Watch the other week highlighted the growing need for a women’s watch that does more than just tell [...]

2 April

Every January specially invited watch journalists decamp to Geneva’s Palexpo – a great, industrial box next to a motorway [...]

5 March

When it comes to women’s watches, straps aren’t usually top of a designer’s list of priorities. But despite all the attention [...]

5 February

Watching Interstellar the other night was a thought provoking experience. Yes, the film posited theories about the nature of [...]

3 December

A grande complication on a watch, generally speaking, used to be the preserve of those timepieces on the male side of the display [...]

28 October

How women’s watch dials are shrinking and why it gives us reasons to be cheerful about the future of the female side of the [...]

23 September

Even the most unobservant of you cannot have failed to notice Watches of Switzerland’s advertising billboards for its new three-story [...]

29 July

There are many subtle nuances of snobbery in the world of watches. One particular favourite is when a group of watch journalists [...]

23 May

The husband-and-wife team behind Struthers London and the new Morgan Motors’ watch could be the coolest on the British watch [...]

17 April

Designers of women’s watches are understandably drawn to the expressive beauty of the moonphase complication. Laura McCreddie [...]

7 November

The women’s watch market has come alive in recent years, with far more mechanical timepieces to choose from. Getting the right [...]

26 June