Juan Torres Rodriguez


I am a research analyst in the Global Value Team at Schroders. 


Annie Duke is an American professional poker player turned business consultant. Her 2018 book Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter [...]

13 March

The last few decades have seen the perception gain ground in markets that a combination of cash generation and state backing [...]

8 March

Investors’ fondness for a good story is a theme we have often touched upon, here on The Value Perspective – though never [...]

22 February

Last year may have been a tricky one for US markets and investors but it was less so for the country’s businesses – at least, [...]

20 February

On The Value Perspective blog, we aim to extol the merits of value investing, the art of buying shares that are unloved by the [...]

27 July

Facebook’s high-profile woes over its collection, storage and use of personal data are a vivid illustration of the extra risk [...]

18 April

Say we ran a poll asking visitors to nominate their choice as the greatest investor of the last 20, 50, 100 years – it would [...]

26 March

Is legendary investor Warren Buffett losing his golden touch? [...]

18 December

With the wider market so clearly out-of-love with the retail sector in general, it should come as no surprise that so many of [...]

23 August

If you are a regular reader of the financial press, you could be forgiven for thinking some kind of corporate serial killer is [...]

22 August

‘Value trap’ is a term used by investors to describe an asset that appears to have been under-priced by the market but turns [...]

23 June

May was a big month for Amazon. Not only did it celebrate the 20th anniversary of its stockmarket floatation, its share price [...]

8 June

Here in the UK, your odds of winning the National Lottery do not change. When, for example, you could pick from 49 numbers, your [...]

17 April