Guy Johnson



EUROPE has too many broken banks and the time has come to fix them. With Dexia’s woes laid bare, it must now be apparent to [...]

10 October

WHEN the European Central Bank (ECB)’s council meets in Frankfurt this week, it faces a dilemma. Should it do the right thing [...]

5 September

THE financial markets don’t know which way to look. On both sides of the Atlantic we have a debt disaster that would be a recipe [...]

1 August

FOR the Eurozone to not only survive but thrive Greece must default and leave. Athens fiddled the numbers to get in and now reality [...]

13 June

JEAN-CLAUDE Trichet says the European Central Bank (ECB) over which he presides wants to remain flexible. Let us hope his flock [...]

9 May

It is all but certain that the ECB will raise rates this week. It has been itching to do so for some time. Now that the moment [...]

4 April

WHY is it that the Eurozone’s leaders will only make a decision when they have their back to the wall?

14 March

WILL this be the week that Portugal becomes the latest Eurozone country to call in the EU and the IMF to bail it out?

10 January

NEXT year will see the first member of the single currency starting to talk seriously about leaving the Eurozone. That country [...]

29 November

JEAN Claude Trichet and his colleagues at the ECB are playing a dangerous game. Despite the Eurozone’s recovery still looking [...]

18 October

HOW much longer will Germany want or need to be a member of the Eurozone is a question that’s been increasingly asked since [...]

6 September

As an exercise in transparency Europe’s so-called stress tests have already failed. We were promised the methodology and all [...]

12 July

RISING regulation and economic austerity could produce a toxic mix in 2011. That was the view of many of the bankers that I spoke [...]

14 June

CRISIS averted? For now, troubled Greece has been saved – but at what cost? The sums involved are staggering and could have [...]

4 May

FOR ONCE Goldman Sachs has done the Greeks a favour. It’s probably not the favour that the bank was hoping to deliver but the [...]

19 April