Frederika Whitehead


Frederika Whitehead is a freelance contributor to City A.M. Travel


There are plenty of things to do in Champagne, but for starters you’ll probably want to get sozzled on fizz. That is, of course, [...]

15 April

The weekend: If, like most City workers, you spend long hours hunched over a keyboard, punctuated by occasional bursts of exercise [...]

19 May

Things started badly. Paolo tried to convince me to hold the sword in my right hand. “I really can’t. I’m very left-handed,” [...]

1 August

Frederika Whitehead goes in search of pungent fungus that drives foodies crazy

20 January

Four suits in four days is a tall order. City A.M. Bespoke sent Frederika Whitehead to Beijing for a whistle-stop tour of the [...]

23 April

A snapshot of the economic capital of the east, by Frederika Whitehead

22 April